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Threechannelfiltertesttable  SX-L1053  1.Productdescription  SX-L1053threechannelfilterefficiencytestplatformisthehigh-endproductofourfactoryin1995tomarket.Itcanbeusedfornon-wovenfiltermaterial,glassf
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Three channel filter test table
1. Product description
SX-L1053 three channel filter efficiency test platform is the high-end product of our factory in 1995 to market. It can be used for non-woven filter material, glass fiber filter material, filter efficiency of new filter material and resistance detection. The product is the expert of the national clean society and the guidance of the relevant professors of Tongji University in Shanghai. The system is designed and manufactured according to the following standards NIOSH, 42CFR84-2005, EN149:2001, GB19083-2003, GB/T2626-2006, and the related principles of EN1822, IEST-RP-CC021.1 and so on.
After several years of customer use and the improvement of the actual problems, the performance of the product has been continuously improved and perfected. The test performance is more stable. The current test table has been the third generation of products.
In addition, considering that the product needs professional after-sale service in the process of use, our factory has set up a technical service group, which has formed a set of mature tracking service system, thus greatly protecting the interests of the users. At the same time, users are welcome to come to our factory for free training and study at any time.
The equipment is used for a year, and we will send technical personnel to consult with the user on how to correct the related detection components in the equipment to ensure the system is good and effective.
Two, component part
(1) filter part
(2) spray part
(3) flow sharing part
(4) the installation part of the filter material
(5) detection, control and data processing output
(6) the wind power part


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