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About us

  Sothis Cleanroom Equipment Factory is a professional manufacturing factory based in SuZhou. We are committed to R & D various products related to cleanroom equipments. Since its inception in 1997, the company’s range of products is full speed heading towards to meet different marketing area and satisfy all kinds of customers’ needs.

In company’s Sustainable Development Policy, we have established extensive cooperation research units such as NanJing University of SCI. & TECH. and Soochow University, we have academic exchanges regularly. Currently, we are the industrial base for the postgraduates of NanJing University of SCI. & TECH.
Under the lead by the first generation of this area in China, the company will continue to uphold the experience and technology which is more than 30 years, also to absorb and learn the foreign advanced technology to improve and breakthroughs in clean technology in China.